The MN Organization Development Network (MNODN) board is made up of elected or appointed member volunteers who jointly oversee the activities of the organization.  MNODN is governed by a set of organizational bylaws and board’s activities are guided by a strategic plan which members of the organization as a whole provide input and ideas.  The board strives to meet the professional needs of its members who participate in the learning and sharing of organizational development theories and practice.

Typical duties of the board members includes:

  1. Govern the organization through policies and objectives;

  2. Ensure adequate financial resources;

  3. Create learning and networking opportunities for members;

  4. Grow a strong membership base to share organizational development theory and practice;

  5. Communicate and market information and opportunities to members; and

  6. Create opportunities to acknowledge scholars and practitioners.

Interested in a Board Role?  A full description of the specific duties of each Board role is available by request.  The Board solicits new board members each year in April with selection taking place by June.  If you have an interest in any role, even if MNODN is not currently seeking to fill a vacancy, please email to indicate your interest.


paul thorEsen



Chair Elect


Lindsey (Gerstad) Schlangen

Membership & Networking


Pete Engstrom



Dawn thompson

Membership & Networking




chuck hanson