CCP Client Application

Who Should Apply?

Any established non-profit organization or any organization that provides public benefit, based out of Minnesota, which cannot readily afford consulting help may apply for the CCP program.

Consulting services will be provided in the various fields of OD including and not limited to:
o Facilitating strategic planning, defining mission, vision and core values
o Board development
o Leadership and staff coaching
o Organization and staff restructuring
o Staff development
o Organizational Design
o Change Management
o Performance Management
o Diversity

Projects should be focused enough that they can be completed within the CCP project’s 6-month project cycle. Organizations applying for the program should have the commitment of their board and leadership to devote sufficient time to work with the MN ODN team. The services are provided pro-bono and there is a $200 fee due when selected to cover MN ODN costs for the engagement.

The CCP Application Process

There will be two project cycles each year, and in each we expect to serve 1-3 client organizations. The timeline for each cycle is:

Spring Cycle: Applications are due the last Friday of January. Projects run March – July
Fall Cycle: Applications are due the last Friday of July. Projects run Sept. – Jan.

Step 1: Complete the CCP project application and return it to MN ODN by the deadline shown above. Your application will be reviewed to determine that your organization meets our criteria.

Step 2: A CCP consultant will meet with your organization to explore your organization’s needs and answer further questions about the process.

Step 3: The CCP project team and member-consultants participating in that cycle will meet to review the applications and select candidate organizations. The number chosen will depend on need and the availability of member-consultants during that cycle. You will be notified immediately to identify next steps, or to provide your organization with referrals to other resources who may be able to assist.

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