January (1/3): The Happiness Practice

Nancy O'Brien is an expert at helping cultivate a culture of wellbeing, which is essential to attracting, retaining, and optimizing top talent — as well as creating and keeping happy customers. Research proves that happy employees are more productive, produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions, demonstrate sharper analytical abilities, and receive higher performance ratings. They also enjoy more job security and are less likely to take sick days or to quit.

February (2/7): Co-Creating Change Through Creative Questions

Stephanie McGovern, founder of High Performance Systems, will lead us in exploring how we sub-consciously sabotage our client’s ability to change.  Learn how to change the way you approach change.  As consultants or coaches it is easy to fall into the “fix-it” role when working with clients and we prevent the very change we want to help our clients create.  What if you could co-create innovative solutions with your clients just by the questions you ask?  And what if questions are the answer? In this session you will practice using creative questions to reduce client resistance to change while increasing your client's ownership and commitment. 

 March (3/7): Mindfullness

The science is clear, people perform better when their emotions are balanced, and their minds are clear.  Mindfulness can positively impact employee engagement, wellbeing, satisfaction, as well as the bottom-line.

But, how do you implement a mindfulness program that will create long-term culture change?  Saundra Schrock, founder and CEO of Levelhead and Kevin Walsh, Director of Business Development, will share why mindfulness works and the four critical considerations to know before launching a mindfulness program. Levelhead is an innovative digital solution with scientifically-based mindfulness practices designed specifically for the workplace.

 April (4/4): OD Round Table

Each April we highlight member experiences through a series of round table discussions.  We are looking for members to share their OD insights, ideas, successes and lessons learned.