Team Coaching Certification - June 21 & 22

 Play to Your Strengths® TEAM COACHING Certification

How do you help a group of individuals become a TEAM?  When team members don’t work well together, the stress and frustrations are enormous!

You are invited to join a cadre of TEAM COACHES and become an EXPERT in building teams that achieve extraordinary results.

On a team, are you frustrated when you notice that:

  • Only a few individuals are participating, and the rest are watching.
  • Tension among team members is wasting valuable time.
  • Decisions are taking too long to make; even longer to implement.

 It doesn’t have to be this way! Winning sports teams succeed because they have great team coaches!  This is true for organizations as well. A Team Coach can help leaders transform lackluster teams into dynamic engines of success!

If you want to help teams to:

  • Become more nimble,
  • Respect each other,
  • Achieve team goals faster…

Join us and learn leading-edge team methodologies and coaching skills to build winning teams!

 You’ll learn how to help teams:

  • Reduce tension and conflict
  • Improve communication and trust
  • Discover and leverage team talents

What is a team coach?

Watch Faith’s video as she speaks to leaders about talents.

DATE:             June 21 and 22, 2012

TIME:              8:30 – 4:00

LOCATION:  St Thomas University, Minneapolis Campus

Full Price: $1,950 - After May 19th

Early Bird: $1650 - Before May 18th

 MNODN Member Discount (30%): $1,155 before May 18th

To register: or learn more