November 1: A New/Old Path to Powerful Personal and Leadership Development

The use of groups in leadership development is not a new concept. However, by combining proven processes with new elements and emphasis, a small group becomes a powerful vehicle for personal and leadership development. As important, the group also becomes a safe, confidential place for on-going support, development and feedback.

The speakers will outline the uses of these groups in a variety of settings - corporations; non-profits; alumni organizations; graduate school courses; and in the community. These experiences are viewed as particularly useful with emerging leaders as a proven way to increase participants' emotional intelligence (EQ), building our next generation to be authentic, lead effectively and remain resilient in an ever-changing world.

The participants in True North Groups range in age from mid-20s to the 60s. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, functional areas, and leadership roles.

In this interactive session, the speakers will share the secrets of the success of these groups, offer participants a taste of the methodology and lead a discussion on how and where the methodology can be successfully leveraged.

Doug Baker has been a corporate executive, teacher, executive consultant, author, mentor and community leader for more than four decades. Today, he is founder and president of the True North Groups Institute, an organization he created in 2011 with co-author Bill George following the publication of their book, True North Groups.

Baker’s life work is a tapestry woven from his executive roles within organizations, and his consulting and teaching assignments outside of them. Throughout his professional career, Baker has explored and refined his approach to small group work as an important foundation to leadership development. Additionally, he has met weekly for nearly 40 years with a small group of peers, including Bill George, which led to their collaboration on True North Groups and the True North Groups Institute.

As head of the True North Groups Institute, Baker and his team foster the formation of True North Groups within organizations and communities interested in this powerful tool for self-awareness and leadership development. The Institute is dedicated to the idea that self-awareness if the foundation of successful leadership development.

Carrie Johnson has worked in both line and HR roles in a variety of organizations and industries, including small businesses, large corporations and consulting. She was with American Express for 11 years, and most recently as vice president of human resources for an organization effectiveness team. In all of her roles, her focus has been on how an individual has an impact on customers and on the organization, consulting and creating programs with long-lasting impact.

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