Join the MNODN Linkedin group

The Minnesota Organization Development Network (MNODN) is pleased to announce that we have changed the ‘member only’ restriction to joining the MNODN Linkedin group. If you are interested in Organizational Development, networking, and discussing relevant issues then please consider joining the MNODN Linkedin group.  In the spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration, we will start to welcome those who have a connection and interest in OD but may not be members of the MNODN itself. This is in keeping with other associations in general, and more specifically 80% of our regional Alliance Partners.

The group will still not be an “open” group. A person will need to join to see content in the group. We will still review those who request to join to make sure they have OD/HRD/Organizational Psychology interests. We will continue ensure quality postings and conversations. Those who may have applied in the past and had their membership declined due to no active MNODN membership will now be accepted.

So if you are a member of the MNODN, or a friend of the MNODN, please consider joining our MNODN Linkedin group. We currently have about 300 group members, let’s double (or triple) that this year!

The MNODN Linkedin group is an engaging and dynamic community. Please join for dialogue, sharing ideas, raising questions, exploring new directions, and promoting events of mutual interest with professional colleagues. Don’t miss important event announcements and the opportunity to network.