Annual Mentor Kickoff - Spring 2019

Top 3 reasons to become a mentor The MNODN Mentor Program is accepting applications starting in Spring 2019 for the 2019-20 session. Questions? Email

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1. Learn something. Mentoring isn't just about passing along information. Previous participants in the MNODN mentoring program value the reciprocal nature of mentoring, noting that they learn a lot from their mentees.

2. Pass it on. The knowledge that you have about the OD field is invaluable. Whether it is a broad understanding of OD, how to be an external consultant, navigating an organization, or even how to get your foot in the door, your experience can help someone beginning or transitioning in the OD field.

3. Give back. Think through your time in the OD field. Has there been a person (or persons) in your life that made an impact in your career? This is your chance to give back and be that person for someone else.