March Thoughts … Innovation and Creativity

As we prepare for our March 7 program from Levelhead and their approach to Mindfulness, we are sharing a blog posting from them as well as a blog from one of our sponsors, Orgametrics. Both coincidentally focused on Innovation. As warmer weather gets closer each day, hopefully we can use these two blogs and the March program to ‘Spring’board us forward.

Innovation as an Organizational Mindset
Saundra Schrock, levelhead
Globally, organizations are experiencing change at an unprecedented rate. Today innovation is not just an option, but a business mandate. Having the ability to see disruptions, challenges, and change as opportunities is defined as having an innovative mindset. Organizations that cultivate this type of mindset encourage a positive culture that allows ideas to grow and develop at all levels. They think of innovation as simply how they do business. See the rest of the blog here.

Build Creativity and and Innovation by Blending Experts and Non-Experts

I came across a quote from author Bob Sutton that read, “At places where intense innovation happens, they often combine people who know a little with people who know too much. The tension between massive knowledge and fresh thinking can spark a fundamental breakthrough.”

This statement got me thinking about how many organizations handle brainstorming, ideation sessions. They bring the ‘best people’ into a room to figure it all out. See the rest of the blog here.