Peter Engstrom


Peter EngstromPeter Engstrom began his career in organization development 30 years ago working for Larry Wilson in the Pecos River Learning Centers Adventure Learning Program, whose philosophy was driven by the belief that individual growth precedes organizational growth. As one of the first staff members of the department, Peter had dual roles of delivering programs and building the internal capabilities of the department. After a few short years the company had the ability to deliver programs across the US and Canada, as well as multiple locations overseas.

Peter has facilitated experiential programs for hundreds of teams in dozens of companies. The results of these programs, which include employee engagement, leadership development, culture change, change management, and strategic change, have been chronicled in published Harvard case studies and in the book Team Zebra. Peter is currently completing his thesis for a master’s degree in leadership.

Prior to service as Treasurer on the MNODN Board, Peter served on Boards for a $50 million company and at the Professional Ropes Course Association. He also volunteers at the PACER Center in support of their National Bullying Prevention Center.