Community Consulting Program

The Minnesota OD Network will be piloting our new Community Consulting Program (CCP) in the Fall of 2016. CCP will provide pro-bono OD consulting services to Non-profit organizations in Minnesota who cannot afford such professional services. The project will allow MN ODN members to give back to the community or to broaden their experience in new areas.

Many non-profit organizations are not performing to their potential because of issues of focus, leadership, and structure. Most of them are unaware of how organizational development could help them be more effective or they may just be lacking the resources to engage OD consultants. The CCP will provide such organizations an opportunity to access expert OD services to enhance their capabilities and achieve their big picture goals.

After completing our pilot, the CCP will launch in 2017. The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has agreed to help us market the program and select candidate organizations. Projects will be launched in two cycles each year in the Spring and Fall, with each project lasting 3-5 months. Project teams will be comprised of a project lead and 2-3 OD consultants, mixing subject-matter experts with consultants wishing to broaden their experience.

Our Motto

Upholding our principles of Engage, Connect and Learn, MNODN-CCP aims to
1. Be an efficient and accessible source of OD consulting for non-profits in Minnesota, thereby making a difference in community, utilizing the strength and passion of MNOD network.
2. Provide a platform for the OD practitioners in Minnesota to gain new experiences and hone their skills in the domain of OD
3. Spread awareness and reiterate the importance of OD as a very important practice that helps organizations grow and thrive.

CCP Client Application
CCP Project Time Frame
CCP Teams