CCP Teams

The CCP teams are formed by MNODN members who choose to volunteer for the upcoming cycle. The CCP program is managed and administered by a core team. Individual projects are typically staffed by teams of 2-3 consultants from among our MN ODN membership.


The CCP Core team provides the leadership and infrastructure to facilitate the ODN Community Consulting Project (CCP). The Core Team is the primary mechanism for recruiting, screening and engaging non-profit clients. Additionally, the Core Team identifies, retains, develops, and facilitates connecting local CCP consultants with CCP clients. Through its leadership and methodology, the Core Team drives and enhances the CCP.

Meet the current core team of MNODN-CCP here!


Time Commitment
The CCP Project team time demands depends on the nature of the project they are working on. If you are interested in donating your time as a consultant, you should expect to commit an average of 5-6 hours/week for the 3-5 months during which the project runs. The timing is flexible and team members’ schedules are usually easily accommodated within the team.

Project Team Roles & Responsibilities
Engagement Leader: The engagement leader leads the engagement and manages all of the interactions with the client organization. The Engagement Leader ensures that all committed support is provided successfully. This role may be combined with a Senior Consultant Role.

Senior Consultant: Senior consultants are those with expertise in services or interventions provided to the client, and they typically lead the portions of the engagement in which they are expert. They ensure that the CCP team provides both best-in-class support and also help other team members increase their knowledge and experience with this support. This role may overlap with the engagement leader role.

Consultant: Consultants participate in providing support to clients, under the direction of Senior Consultants. In a complex engagement, it is possible that the person serving as Senior Consultant may act as a general consultant on other parts of an engagement, learning and developing in the areas in which they are less experienced. Any MN ODN member can volunteer as a consultant.

CCP-Consultant Application

Process to Volunteer:
Those interested in being on a consulting team should complete the consultant application form via the link below. Twice each year we gather interested consultants for an orientation session which provides background needed on the CCP and our collaborative consulting method. Volunteers are then ready to participate in CCP projects.

N.B: The Consultant Application Process for the pilot program which would be launched in the summer –fall of 2016 is open now. Apply soon to be part of the program, right from the start!