Laurisa Ewert

Board Member

Laurisa Ewert Laurisa Ewert graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hamline University and recently received her MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from University of Phoenix. Her master’s thesis concentrated on building executive leadership capacity through change and executive coaching. Laurisa also plans to continue her education with a PhD in I/O psychology in the coming years. Her interests include leadership development, employee and executive coaching, and nutrition and exercise planning.

Laurisa is currently employed at Capitol Beverage Sales, a locally based beverage distributor, as the corporate social responsibility coordinator, import brand manager, and category captain. Being employed by a small organization has given her the opportunity to wear many hats, but she is seeking to expand her experience within a consulting firm. In her current position Laurisa has had the chance to lead several programming initiatives including employee volunteer days, internal and external recycling efforts, and bringing in speakers from all around the country to speak to students about underage drinking and drunk driving. Laurisa will bring her programming experience into her new position as programming co-chair for MNODN.